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Lourdes Morate Martín

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Lourdes Morate Martín

Abogada consistorial del Ayuntamiento de Oviedo

For the past 8 years I have been working as a Lawyer of Oviedo´s Town Council and previously, I worked 8 years as a Lawyer of Siero´s Town Council. I am a public servant of both, and I got these positions after passing public examinations.
As a Lawyer of the Town Council I have to handle different cases in defence of the Municipality. One of my main duties right now is defending the Town Hall in all the Jurisdictions at the different Courts (Administrative Court, Labour and Civil Court). My daily work basically consist in deal with all range of legal proceedings in varios areas and also, provide legal assitance and draft legal reports about different issues, when it is required.
Even if my main experience is as a Litigator Lawyer at the Court; I am qualified as a Mediator, and Arbitrator, and I am very interested in an alternative way of dispute resolution.
I also have wide experience as a Course Organiser and Speaker; I am the Coordinator of the Administrative Law Section of the Law Master of Oviedo University and also, I coordinate every year the Course of Legal Aid at Oviedo´s Lawyer Bar. I teach courses in different areas of Law and in different organizations when I am required to do so, and I am also the Coordinator of the training area in Administrative Law at Oviedo´s Lawyer Bar,...

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Derecho privado y Derecho público ante los tribunales de Justicia

Derecho privado y Derecho público ante los tribunales de Justicia

Liber amicorum en homenaje al magistrado y profesor Rafael Fonseca González

  • David Ordóñez Solís; Leopoldo Tolivar Alas
  • ISBN: 978-84-290-2182-0
  • Páginas: 844
  • Formato: 17,00cm x 24,00cm
  • Publicación: Nov 2019

Expertos de distintos ámbitos del Derecho público y privado rinden homenaje a la trayectoria profesional y humana de Rafael Fonseca González, ingeniero, profesor de Derecho civil y magistrado especialista de lo contencioso-administrativo, un juez prudente y un ...

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